As we seldom go out due to the pandemic, food delivery platforms, supermarkets, and local logistics are becoming more popular. Topics of how to maintain personal hygiene or disinfection for restaurants are well-discussed. However, the importance of warehouse cleaning does not get much attention. So, let us discuss this topic today.


The Precedents That Show the Danger

Early in June, there is a cluster of local infection cases in a logistic warehouse. Due to the situation, the company involving the cluster has disinfected its whole warehouse and all stores. The transmission of COVID-19 Is not only causing the pausing of work and production but the cost of offering virus tests for hundreds of employees. The obliteration of the relating products is also necessary for certain circumstances. So, the only way out is to do preventive measures including not only daily cleaning but regular disinfection for the warehouse.


Caring for Your Employees’ Safety

Besides storing large amounts of goods, warehouses are places where many staff members will visit. If they are not cleaned properly, there can be accidents happening anytime. The cleaning of the floor of the warehouse requires professional devices and detergents. Thus, incorrect cleaning products or techniques will end up with too smooth floors and lots of accidents. Other than floor cleaning, aloft cleaning and disinfection for the central air-conditioning system are essential too. To make sure the safety of your employees, it is always the best to revise the cleaning process and blind spots of the warehouse.


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