Air-conditioning Cleaning & Maintenance

The moisture and dirt that can be found in the air-conditioning systems provide an ideal breeding ground for mold, germs, fungi, and other harmful microbes. As air passes through, it picks up those harmful materials throughout the indoors environment. These contaminates create not only an adverse working environment but also pose major health risks to people who suffer from allergies, asthma and other respiratory ailments. Regularly maintaining a good air quality improves the working environment and human health.

Masterclean-海富專業冷氣清洗及保養服務 清潔冷氣面蓋表面和隔塵網
Masterclean-海富專業冷氣清洗及保養服務 清潔冷氣面蓋表面和隔塵網

Professional Air Conditioning Services include:

1. Test whether the air conditioner is in normal operation

2. Monitor the temperature changes

3. Check whether there is any water leakage problem

4. Clean up the air-conditioner cover surface and filters

5. Clean up the fan blades and cooler drain pipe

6. Clean up and sanitise the fan coil cooler

7. Assemble the air-conditioner and final test