Masterclean-冷氣機清洗防止傳染性疾病 清潔消毒冷氣冷凍面

According to Hong Kong Observatory, the temperature of July this year is unusually high. The number of nights that has a record-breaking temperature has reached 21. Due to the hot weather, most of us will open the air-conditioners immediately after going home. It is always easy to turn on the air-conditioners, but when speaking of cleaning them, it is not really a habit of everyone. However, not cleaning the air-conditioners in a long time will lead to a reduction in cooling effect as well as the accumulation of bacteria on the filter. The health of the users of the air-conditioners can be threatened. Hence, it is time for everyone to know the cleaning and maintenance methods for household air-conditioners.

The Cooling Effect of the Air-Con is Not Good? Thinking About Adding Refrigerants?

When people discover that the cooling effect of the air-con is not good, they think of adding refrigerants. Most of the time, the situation is not improving even after adding the refrigerants. In fact, refrigerants are cooling fluid that can circulate inside the air-con continuously and do not require adding. So, we must not neglect the situation that dirt is accumulating in the air-con and causing a reduction in the cooling effect.

The dirt and dust in the air-con will increase the burden of the machine, causing its efficacy to decrease. So, maybe you can have a deep cleaning for your air-con before you decide to add more refrigerants.

Why Professional Companies or Helpers are Needed for Cleaning Air-Conditioners?

Speaking of cleaning the air-con, many of us may just do it ourselves, but we can only clean the shell or dust filter. Once we need to clean the parts of the machine or window spilt type air-conditioners, we need professional people to take care of it. Sometimes specific cleaning tools and detergents, even cleaning at a high level are necessary. Thus, it really needs professional companies to take care of the work instead of ourselves or just our domestic helpers.


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