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Summer in Hong Kong often represents the outbreak of a flu epidemic. Along with Dengue Fever and COVID-19, flu has become one of the serial killers. Due to the strategies for the prevention of transmission of the epidemic, many people stay at home more often. Thus, as the time staying at home has become longer, with also friends visiting the places, household cleaning is more important than before. So, have you done all the strategies mentioned below?

The Disinfection Work

Regular household cleaning is about vacuuming and wiping but they are not enough for fighting the viruses. The most basic thing to do is using sanitising detergents like bleach to clean places that we always touch. For instance, the surfaces of the furniture, the toys of our children, especially for the bathrooms. Meanwhile, bear in mind that some of the furniture cannot be cleaned using specific detergents. For those which can use detergents to clean, just leave them for 15 minutes after applying the detergents. After that, use water to clean it off and wipe it to dry. As long as you use sanitising detergents to perform deep cleaning for the house, the chances of being infected with diseases are minimised.

Removing Stagnant Water

Besides human bodies, many insects will carry viruses. In Hong Kong, we need to pay more attention to the viruses that cause Dengue Fever. Then, how can we do to prevent ourselves from getting the viruses? If your house has vases, it is better for you to clean it every week using diluted bleach instead of water. As for the air-conditioners at home, the accumulation of water of the tray may facilitate the breeding of mosquitoes. Thus, we can consider pouring some detergents onto the tray in case we forget to clear the water on the tray. It will also help to slow down the speed of the breeding of mosquitoes.

It is always hard to be perfect in household cleaning especially when we are always busy at work. So maybe we can start from the baby steps mentioned above!

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