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Dance Cluster | While the third outbreak of pandemic has just got relieved, there is the dance cluster with hundreds of infections. The explosion of the cluster has brought all improvements back into the first place. As parents are starting to discuss what to do after the suspension of classes and the work-from-home practice, but what enlightenment has the cluster brought to us? What needs to be taken care of during disinfection?


Dance Cluster | The Mutated Virus

The pandemic situation in Hong Kong has worsened with a more powerful return. Referring to the past data, the increase in the number of infection cases to over a hundred requires one week on average. However, we have reached one hundred infection cases using less than a week of time. In fact, the studies of America and Hong Kong have warned us that the virus has mutated. According to the sample collected from foreign patients, the infectivity of G614 has grown stronger to 3 to 9 times since the new virus has a higher multiplying rate in the upper respiratory tract.


In the middle of October, professor Chan Siu Chee had stated that the new virus strain has higher infectivity to warn us the fourth outbreak is coming. While lately there is a report saying that the newest outbreak is coming from a foreign virus strain, maybe the prophecy has, unfortunately, come true.


Dance Cluster | Tracking App?

Early in October, professor Yuen Kwok-Yung had warned that the outbreak will come again in winter with thousands of death if we fail to do the preventive measures well. The dance cluster is making everyone worry about the safety of certain places, including bars and restaurants. Of course, places like schools and care homes are high-risky. The government is going to launch the app to track the users in order to discover related people with the infection case. However, how to ensure the place itself is safe, which is obviously not the serving area of the app, is depending on the disinfection work and cleaning. Basic cleaning can ensure the health of users.


Dance Cluster | Best Disinfection

As the worsening of pandemic lately, we are receiving inquiries with the choices to counter coronavirus. Thus, we are introducing a disinfectant: TTA ®️ long-term nano disinfectant coating. After spraying the coating, the surface will create a film that can degenerate bacteria and viruses. More importantly, it has the effect of suppressing the multiplying of bacteria. The effective period is even one year long! If you want to protect your families, colleagues, or customers, this disinfectant will suit you the best.

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