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As the Chinese New Year approaches, everyone starts to clean their homes. One of the things in household cleaning is cleaning glass, which there have been a lot of clean glass accidents. It is regrettable that in recent months, some foreign domestic helpers and house owners have fallen to their deaths during the cleaning process. We hope that you can use tools or restrict the cleaning area when cleaning the glass. Masterclean will also follow the guidance when we clean the glass at a high altitude. Our employees will take good safety measures and all have proper insurance bought by the company. Since there are too many tragedies, we wish to share some simple glass cleaning tips with you.

The Magic Method?

Glass may contain oil stains, which mixing white vinegar with baking soda for cleaning them is effective. Even once there are customers saying that using beer to clean the glass can erase watermarks. Many customers said that touching the glass always leaves a lot of watermarks. In fact, it has a great relationship with the cleaning tools that we use. Using a cloth to clean is easy to leave watermarks, and professional cleaning companies generally use water scrapers and other tools of different materials to clean the different glass surfaces. Thus, the glass is clean and bright.

If you want to remove the oily dirt of kitchen glass, you can try to use the useless plants. Not only the kitchen window, but they can also be used in the glasses of oven and microwave. The remaining radish head of onion, lemon, etc., can be directly used to scrub the glass to remove oil stains.

The Glass Cleaning Myth

Newspapers and magazines are generally paper recognized as having the function of water absorption and dehumidification. Friction between newspaper and glass produces static electricity, which is relatively easy to absorb dust and dirt. So many families use old newspapers to clean the glass or mirrors. However, it is worth noting that some printed materials can leave color stains on the glass. Besides, not all kinds of paper are not harmful to the glass, it may take extra time or steps to fix the damage. Therefore, as a professional cleaning company, we do not recommend that you treat the newspaper as a proper tool. Once you scrapping it with a large force, although it is not a must that you will end up with the scraped glass, it is always not good for the maintenance of glass in the long run.


Self Cleaning Tips

– Dust with a dry cloth first, remove thick dust on the window frame and glass edge

– Use a cloth with little water to remove the dust

– Wipe the glass (It is recommended to use a water scraper, cloth, and spray gun)

1) Dilute the glass cleaner in a ratio of 1 to 10.

2) Spray the cleaner on the glass with the spray gun

3) Finally scrape down with the scraper (Remember to have a cloth under it)

After sharing with you some glass cleaning tips, we hope you can use them well for the Lunar New Year. Of course, if there is a large area of glass that needs cleaning and you don’t want to waste time and effort or have questions to consult, you can always contact us!

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