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Washing Machine Cleaning | the Washing machine is one of the greatest human inventions to reduce a lot of time and labor. However, a large amount of dirt often appears after a long time of usage. If it is not properly cleaned, it is easy to have cross-infection in the washing process. This time, some common washing machine cleaning methods will be briefly introduced.

Washing Machine Cleaning-The Hidden Dirt

The general service life of household washing machines is more than 5 years. They are used frequently, at least once or twice a week. Even during the cleaning process, people often only clean the surface of the washing machine or the barrel. However, the most important part is hiding behind the barrel. Recently, we often deal with relevant cases that the back of the barrel is covered with dirt, such as hair and dander, washing powder, softener, and tissue crumbs. When professionals are cleaning the washing machine, this dirt will be softened and fall off after being cleaned by a specific detergent. Large black dirt will appear. Many customers are shocked and finally, start to worry about whether the clothes being washed are really clean.

The Cleaning Rules


The place that should be cleaned first is the plastic belt of the barrel that contains much bilge. As long as you gently pull open the belt, you can see the dirt that needs to be cleaned. Using a rag or brush should be able to clear the internal dirt.

In addition, there are two barrels in the washing machine, the inner and the outer. There is an interlayer of about two centimeters between them, which is the place where the dirt is most likely to gather. It is not easy for household users to clean it. The most efficient cleaning method is to use a washing machine special cleaning agent or descaling agent. Their cleaning principle is to remove stains, bacteria, and peculiar smells through the foam. Ordinary washing powder, washing liquid, or even disinfectant liquid have no corresponding cleaning effect, and more likely to cause damage to the machine.

Natural Cleaning Methods


Edible baking soda can remove a lot of difficult stains and dirt. It contains sodium bicarbonate with excellent emulsification, decontamination, and even penetration ability. It also has the effect of odor removal, which is very suitable for removing odor in washing machines.

The general approach is to first fill the washing machine with water and add the powder. Press the start button and after stirring it for a few minutes, you can stop the washing. Then, leave it for about an hour and remove the water afterward. Finally, repeat the usual laundry procedure again.

The amount of baking soda shall be paid attention to. Too much powder has the chance to make the drainage hole blocked, thus accumulating stains to affect the cleaning effect. Users should also avoid the use of industrial baking powder. Due to higher alkalinity, the skin and even the machine could be damaged by the powder.

Of course, the above methods are for household users. If necessary, you can also invite professionals to remove the inner tank and use professional detergent for cleaning. MasterClean has many years of experience in handling different household cleaning problems, such as furniture cleaning, indoor and outdoor cleaning, etc. Please visit the following links if necessary: HouseholdOffice/CommercialRetail/ClinicCarpet Cleaning, etc.

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