Masterclean-BRShield 長效180日持續滅菌塗層 保證抗菌長效180日不遞減

BRShield 180 Days Continues Killing Virus Coating

Protect the Surfaces of your Home or Workplace from Germs with BR Shield Antimicrobial Coating

Every day we come into contact with germs including pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Practically everything we touch is certain to have germs on it, some harmless and some definitely not. Pathogenic bacteria, such as E.coli, Staph and certain moulds, can cause severe illness and are easily contracted from surfaces that aren’t adequately cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.

More notable these days are highly contagious and virulent pathogenic viruses such as COVID-19 which has an extremely high propensity to spread to large numbers of people via contaminated surfaces and re-infect large numbers of other people.

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Master Clean
  • Kills pathogens and inactivates viruses 24/7 by physical approach
  • Disinfectant has been proven to kill COVID 19 effectively
  • Prevents “superbug” mutation as there is no chemical interaction with microbes
  • Does not involve leaching technology or heavy metals
  • Routine housekeeping procedures including the regular use of alcohol or alkaline based detergents cannot easily remove the surface coating
Masterclean-BRShield 長效180日持續滅菌塗層 保證抗菌長效180日不遞減

Antimicrobial Shield – Do Your Part, Stop The Spread!

How does COVID-19 Spread?

Masterclean-直接接觸 咳嗽、打噴嚏或說話時產生的飛沫

Direct Contact

Released when an infected person talks, coughs or sneezes

Masterclean-間接接觸 接觸帶有病毒的表面或物體

Indirect Contact

Touching a surface that has been contaminated by an infected person

Masterclean-近距離接觸 例如照顧感染者

Close contact

Any physical contact with an infected person

How Long do Coronaviruses Live on Surfaces?

Metal Doorknobs, Jewelry, Silverware 5 Days
Glass Drinking glasses, Mirrors, Windows Up to 5 Days
Ceramics Dishes, Pottery, Mugs 5 Days
Peper Newspaper, Magazines Up to 5 Days
Wood Furniture, Decking 4 Days
Plastic Milk bottles, Bus seats, Elevator Buttons 2-3 Days
Stainless Steel Refrigerators, Pots.pans, Sinks, Water bottles 2-3 Days
Cardboard Shipping boxes 1 Day
Aluminum Soda cans, Tinfoil, Water bottles 2-8 Hours
Copper Pennies, Teakettles, Cookware 4 Hours

Traditional Disinfection vs BR Shield Antimicrobial Coating

Whilst traditional disinfection methods have their place, they also have their significant limitations, as they only provide a ‘one off’ very short-lived intervention with little to no residual action at all. This leaves the surface entirely vulnerable to re-infection almost immediately after treatment. Not so with ‘BR Shield Anti-Microbial Protection’! A single application of this highly efficient disinfection agent not only provides an almost instantaneous 99.99% reduction in pathogens, but it also goes on doing so 24/7/365 for over 180 days and routine cleaning only enhances its efficacy and longevity. This in turn, provides complete safety and peace of mind.

Masterclean-BRShield 長效180日持續滅菌塗層 24小時無間斷自動消毒 阻截細菌病毒入侵
Masterclean-BRShield 長效180日持續滅菌塗層 保證抗菌長效180日不遞減

Spray Onto Any Surface for Complete Germ Protection

Masterclean-防疫 新冠病毒 消毒殺菌 空氣消毒 快速霧化消毒

The BR Microbe Shield Advantage


Not all antimicrobial coatings are created equal. It’s important to understand the basic chemical, physical, and biological properties of an antimicrobial so the best choice can be made. Because of its unique mode of action and inability to migrate from a treated surface, our technology is the obvious choice to minimize environmental contamination and the development of resistant organisms. Our products are safe for the environment, humans, and pets. They are non-dissipating, non-leaching, non-migrating from the applied substrate and cannot be absorbed by micro-organisms or by humans.

Not All Antimicrobial Coatings are Created Equal
BRShield™ Triclosan Silver Copper
Effecive antimicrobial formula
Non leaching formula
Does NOT use posisons to kill microbes
Does NOT promote adaptive organisms
Safe for humans, pets and the environment
NOT absorbed by micro-organisms and human

BR Shield Lab Test Results

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6-Month Test Report

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Treated vs Untreated Surface

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Microscopic DoA Evidence


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