Masterclean-學校清潔消毒殺菌 共同防疫 學生住得安心

September approaches, many students are ready to go back to school. Although most schools have decided to use the internet as tools for teaching, some of the students will still go back to hostels. So, how can we protect ourselves and the others when gathering at hostels especially when we have the cluster of the foreign domestic helpers’ hostels?

Be Aware of the Toilet

Due to the wet and poor-ventilated environment of toilets, it is really hard to not to have bacteria staying. Along with the water stains on the wall and ceramic tiles, toilets are really good places for keeping viruses. We all know it is annoying to have to clean the toilet using bleach every time, so why not consider toilet cleaning spray or sanitizing solution for toilets? They are easy to get and use, which will allow you to do your cleaning effectively. No matter you are the residents or the managers of hostels, they are worthy of trying. Anyway, just remember never mix any detergents for use as there can be chemical reactions!

Public Facilities Are the Keys

There are many public facilities in hostels, like the kitchen or break rooms. Under the situation when there are many residents gathering, the key point is to avoid the transmission of diseases due to the gathering. As the managers, besides strengthening the disinfection of the public area, daily cleaning is always the golden rule. For the best prevention, deep cleaning and disinfection targeting large areas like the carpet or sofa are good choices too. Of course, schools have to clean the central air-conditioning system regularly as well to prevent the transmission of viruses.

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