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The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused over 12 million infections and 50 million deaths. It is truly a disaster in human history. As passing through a period with zero local infection, an unexpected wave of COVID-19 has reached again in recent days. Infections in schools, public transports, and housing estates have appeared one by one. Meanwhile, when the experts are feeling little optimism about the new outbreak, is there anything we can do? After all, as the saying goes, “Know thyself and thy adversary to win a hundred battles,” we must understand our enemy. Besides wearing a face mask all the time, constant disinfection works should not be neglected.


More Furious in Spreading

The reasons why disinfection works are vital are very obvious. Looking back at the global record, over 200 thousand infections have occurred in a single day on 10th July. The record is the highest ever and it clearly shows that our enemy has grown stronger. The scientific journal publishing research papers Cell has stated the coronavirus has mutated during the pandemic. Therefore, the infectivity of it has also increased to 3 to 9 times. Also, the latent period of the coronavirus has the chance of reaching over two weeks. Moreover, the World Health Organization has pointed out that COVID-19 has the chance of being air-borne.


What Can We Do?

First of all, wash your hands and wear a face mask all the time. Besides these baby steps of self-protection, we can actually do more to protect our families and colleagues. We can arrange disinfection works for the carpets, electronic devices, and even the whole air-conditioning system. If possible, you can even have protective coatings for disinfection to kill 99.9% of bacteria with 90 days of protection.


Disinfection work under COVID-19 – Our company offers all-round sterilization and disinfection services; details are as follows: DisinfectionAir-conditioning CleaningOffice Cleaning


Link: evidence that D614G increases infectivity of the COVID-19 virus


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