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With the rocketing property price, some of us feel good by owning a small flat in order to build a happy family. It is always home once we are with our dearest family members and it must be joyful to have a new decorated home. But wait for a second, there is something deadly and we seldom notice in most of our new homes—formaldehyde. If we do not remove it in our newly painted houses properly, innocent lives will be taken so easily! A two-year-old boy living in a house in Mainland China with an exceed formaldehyde level for four months only, had been diagnosed with blood cancer and passed away.

How Toxic it is ?

I guess the toxicity of it is higher than that of the poisonous apple to be given to Snow White. Besides, the World Health Organization has declared it as carcinogenic to humans sixteen years ago. As carcinogenic to humans as tobacco smoking and arsenic, formaldehyde leads to cancers and other deadly diseases.

Getting The Services Only When Formaldehyde is Smelled?

Well, we never know the smell of COVID-19 but we still wear face masks every day! It is the same logic here. If you cannot smell that stinky smell of formaldehyde, it shows that the decreased concentration level of it instead of the chemicals disappear. However, we can know how much formaldehyde we need to get rid of using detectors.

We may have sweet talks with our loved ones all day but actions speak louder than words. When it comes to the methods to protect their health, formaldehyde removal services are your best friends. With advanced technology to screen your houses and remove formaldehyde properly, all of us can live happily ever after.

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