Masterclean-大小店鋪清潔 杜絕細菌傳播 顧客安心逛街

The third wave of COVID-19 has approached in the past week. With outbreaks in Wong Tai Sin and Shatin, scattered infections have appeared in different districts. Although everyone wears masks on the street and maintains their awareness during dining, the infectivity of the virus has grown unexpectedly. Thus, we must clear all our blind spots of the protection work to make sure we are fully armed.

Blind Spots in Personal Hygiene

Many of us carry face masks, alcohol wipes, and sterilization hand gels all the time lately. Once we go back home, we will also wash our hands immediately. However, have you thought of cleaning your phones and your shoes? Actually, the bacterial count of our phone is 2.5 times the toilet! Our shoes are the dirtiest things among our clothing. So, remember to disinfect them with sterilization gels or alcohol wipes! disinfectant coating spray can be another good option to ensure a longer disinfection period.

Blind Spots in Household Disinfection Work

We always remember to clean our living rooms and bedrooms, but do not forget the bathrooms and air-conditionings! The accumulation of water in the water tank can cause the multiplying of bacteria. So, make sure to clean your water tank of the toilet from time to time. Besides, the government also encourages us to clean the air filters of air-conditioning systems regularly to build a well-ventilated room. It helps to prevent the staying of the virus in the air.

Blind Spots in the  Community

The recent confirmed cases of infection are related to local markets or even community outbreaks. The density of stalls in the markets is high and the ventilation system is poor. Thus, many of the market stall tenants are willing to have a big clean-up. As the appearances of infections in homes for the aged, people are worried about the spreading of the virus through visits to those places. Hence, it will be best for the administration companies or district councils to arrange a deep clean-up. It will comfort the community with a safe and clean neighborhood.

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