Masterclean-店鋪清潔 洗地氈機高速清洗地面

With the issuance of consumption vouchers recently, everyone can’t wait to go on a new round of shopping. Seeing that every store is crowded, in order to deal with more customers, many stores have to do a big clean. Thank our customers for their trust in Masterclean, the important task for us this time is to go to the shop in Kwun Tong to do a thorough cleaning.


Site:Crocodile Centre, Kwun Tong
Cleaning Time:One working day
Services:Store cleaning


Store cleaning programs generally include lighting and signage cleaning, even small spotlights can be cleaned! When the floor of the shop is stained, the team will clean it through the high-speed machine. When it comes to the ceiling, dust removal can be carried. If necessary, you can even ask to remove the air-conditioned dust screen to clean multiple ventilation areas of the store to ensure good airflow in the store.

Masterclean-店鋪清潔 檯面基本除塵去污清潔
Masterclean-店鋪清潔 外墻清潔 天花清潔 專業工具進行高空清潔
Masterclean-店鋪清潔 外墻清潔 天花清潔 專業工具進行高空清潔
Masterclean-店鋪清潔 表面衛生基本除塵去污工作
Masterclean-店鋪清潔 店鋪招牌基本除塵去污工作
Masterclean-店鋪清潔 地面瓷磚基本除塵去污工作
Masterclean-店鋪清潔 店鋪天花清潔 專業天花除塵工具
Masterclean-店鋪清潔 店鋪天花清潔 專業天花除塵工具

Store Cleaning-Our company provides customers with various disinfection and cleaning services, details are as follows: Retail/ Kitchen/ Medical Center CleaningTile & Floor CleaningExterior Wall And Signboard Cleaning

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