Ceiling, Exterior Wall And Signboard Cleaning

Masterclean will provide a comprehensive cleaning service for all exterior walls, signboards and glass. Ceiling, signboard and exterior wall cleaning and glass renovation are all available. Our company can provide high-level aluminum frame worktable, scissor platform, mobile electric lifting platform etc., with high temperature and high-pressure water gun cleaning.

Masterclean will provide an experienced and professionally qualified team to assess the site and then tailor the best solution for your client. Our comprehensive service also includes labor insurance and third-party liability insurance. We promise to provide you with high quality, safe and reliable cleaning services for ceiling, signboards and exterior walls.

Exterior Wall And Glass Cleaning

MasterClean cleaning team can clean and renovate the exterior walls of outdoor buildings through a suspended working platform or truck-mounted platform. Our cleaning team has many years of experience in cleaning external walls, equipped with different advanced equipment to cooperate with the construction of buildings of different heights. We can effectively provide a more suitable service to fit the cleaning needs of customers. The staff cleaning the exterior wall must hold a valid professional hoist license and be equipped with safety ropes. For stubborn stains, we will use the high-pressure water gun to remove dirt and water stains and acid rain stains to ensure a beautiful appearance of the building.


Hanging Signage And Light Box Cleaning


Outdoor advertising signs represent a company’s image, which also gives the first impression of the company. Those signs that hanging in the outdoor environment, have been suffering from the destruction of wind and rainwater. They accumulate mildew, dust, and dirt. MasterClean signage and lightbox cleaning services can promote the brightness and durability of the signage and make sure the color will not fade by using a neutral detergent for cleaning. The image of shops and businesses can also be promoted.



  • Seamless signage cleaning
  • Acrylic board signage cleaning
  • Marquee signage cleaning
  • Advertising light box cleaning

Ceiling Cleaning

For large buildings and high ceiling cleaning, MasterClean professional team is equipped with a high-level aluminum frame worktable and arrange cleaning staff to perform the service. For water stains and long-term accumulated dirt caused by ceiling seepage, we have dusting and cleaning services for customers to choose from according to their needs. We offer professional cleaning of all kinds of ceiling and skylight, from dust removal, decontamination to mildew removal.

MasterClean High-Altitude Exterior Wall/ Glass/ Signboard And Light Box/ Ceiling Cleaning Advantages

A professional team, rich experience in high-altitude cleaning


Possess licenses of suspended working platform operation and exterior wall cleaning


Advanced equipment to meet the needs in a different environment with different height

Provide labor insurance and third-party liability insurance

Choose efficient environmental protection cleaner for decontamination



Customize plans to provide customers with a perfect cleaning service