Rat and pest control is a very important thing. Rats and pests can spread diseases. They are vectors of many diseases. Rats and pests can spread more than 30 kinds of diseases such as plague (Black Death), epidemic hemorrhagic fever, and leptospirosis, which seriously threaten our health. As the New Year approaches, not only the house needs to be cleaned to welcome the New Year, many companies want to wipe out the pests in the office before the holiday. After all, everyone does not want the place where they come back to work after the

New Year to be occupied by a nest of pests. Eliminating pests is not a one-time job. At this time, it will save a lot of trouble to find a professional pest and rodent control company for help.


Site: Castle Peak Road Office, New Territories
Service: Rodent Control Pest Control Service

This time MasterClean was entrusted to provide rodent control and pest control services at Castle Peak Road Office in the New Territories. We used the MasterClean Ekomille mousetrap for the service. The Ekomille mousetrap is developed and imported from Italy. It has patented technology and can capture harmful rats many times in a row Catching equipment for animals. Ekomille catches pest rodents without the use of chemical baits. There is no spread of toxic and bioaccumulative substances. By keeping the dead body in the capture equipment and disinfectant solution, it can ensure the control of sanitary safety and prevent the spread of virus and the risk of transmission of serious pathogens due to the dead body. While effectively controlling the rodent infestation, it also ensures the environmental safety in the office and the health of employees.

Our company provides customers with various disinfection and cleaning services, details are as follows: EKOMILLERodent Control ServicesPest Control Service

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