As the professional cleaning team of Masterclean, the cleaning staff is often responsible for the daily cleaning of large, medium, and small businesses. Today’s post-renovation cleaning still shows our team’s good service, but the service target is special, which is the head office of Masterclean! Of course, our colleagues should not relax just because they are familiar with the place.


Site:Free Trade Centre, Kwun Tong

Cleaning Time:One working day

Services:Post-renovation Cleaning, Formaldehyde Removal


The central air conditioning of the office is often the place where people are worried. To thoroughly clean air conditioners, including refrigeration pieces, fans, air outlets, water trays, etc., it is necessary to use special disinfection cleaners and high-pressure water guns. Of course, cleaning the cover and dust nets is essential too. If you want to keep the central air conditioning clean, it is best to clean every quarter, if not, it may affect the refrigeration effect.

Post-renovation Cleaning-Our company provides customers with various disinfection and cleaning services, details are as follows: Post-Renovation Cleaning Formaldehyde RemovalAir-Conditioner

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