Masterclean-辦公室清潔 專業儀器空氣清潔消殺

As the base of Hong Kong’s innovation and technology centre, the Science Park is home to many innovative technology companies. To do well in innovation, you need to have good ideas and a comfortable office can also stimulate creativity! Thanks to the trust of our clients, Masterclean went to the office in Science Park to provide cleaning and disinfecting coating services to ensure the best environment for creative talents to work in.


Site:Science Park, Sha Tin
Cleaning Time:One working day
Cleaning Area:15000 square foot
Services:Cleaning and disinfectant coating


Which part of the office is the dirtiest? Bathroom? No! According to Hassle, a booking website for cleaning services, there is an average of 1,676 microbes per square inch of the keyboard. Not to mention that we haven’t include dirt like food scraps, it’s already quite scary. As for the photocopiers and printers, no one knows how they were used last time. No one knows whether they will be cleaned regularly. Office cleaning can cover the aspects that are dirty and get neglected in the company, disinfectant coating can help prevent bacteria stay as well!

Masterclean-辦公室清潔 會議室檯面基本消殺清潔 員工手套口罩裝備齊全
Masterclean-辦公室清潔 工作凳基本消殺清潔 員工手套口罩裝備齊全
Masterclean-辦公室清潔 陽台欄杆基本消殺清潔 員工手套口罩裝備齊全
Masterclean-辦公室清潔 門把手基本消殺清潔 員工手套口罩裝備齊全
Masterclean-辦公室清潔 墻面基本消殺清潔 員工手套口罩裝備齊全
Masterclean-辦公室清潔 專業儀器空氣清潔消殺
Masterclean-辦公室清潔 專業儀器空氣清潔消殺
Masterclean-辦公室清潔 電器基本消殺清潔 員工手套口罩裝備齊全
Masterclean-辦公室清潔 專業儀器空氣清潔消殺
Masterclean-辦公室清潔 專業儀器空氣清潔消殺

Science Park Cleaning-Our company provides customers with various disinfection and cleaning services, details are as follows: DisinfectionRetail/CommercialPost-renovation Cleaning

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