Deep and effective air disinfection is very important for health centers as the first line of epidemic prevention. As the COVID-19 epidemic is getting worse, there are not a few people who have recently been infected with the COVID-19 virus; as well as the flu virus caused by temperature changes, more and more citizens are going to the health center. As a medical institution, the most basic requirement is to ensure the hygienic environment in the institution. If the sanitation in the institution is not up to standard, then how to win the public’s trust. Medical institutions need to carry out regular air disinfection to protect the health of customers and employees who go to the institution.


Site: Tsuen Wan Health Center
Service: BIT SteraMist 6-Log Air Disinfection

This time, MasterClean was entrusted to come to the health center in Tsuen Wan District to provide BIT SteraMist 6-Log Kill disinfection and sterilization services. MasterClean is the only sanitation company in Hong Kong that provides 6-Log Kill disinfection and sterilization services. 6-Log Kill disinfection and sterilization service is more effective than any other disinfection service on the market, and has been certified by the US EPA and FDA. It can kill 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses within 5 seconds, and it has been verified to be effective against the new crown pneumonia virus, monkeypox virus and melioid virus, providing the most comprehensive disinfection and sterilization efficiency. We will use the US EPA and FDA-certified cold ion spray gun to spray BIT SteraMist evenly throughout the health center in the form of spray, providing effective protection for the health of every citizen and center employee who goes there.

Our company provides customers with various disinfection and cleaning services, details are as follows: BIT SteraMist 6-Log Air Disinfection

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