The fifth wave of the pandemic has brought serious impacts on local Homes of the Elderly. Hoping to send warmth to elderlies during the tough times, Matsterclean came to one of the elderly homes and carried out large-scale cleaning works. Meanwhile, our staffs chatted with elderlies who may feel lonely and abandoned under the pandemic, we let them know we have never forgotten them even people were not allowed to visit them in the current situation. The satisfying smile and the raising thumbs have given us infinite happiness.

Take from society, Give back to society.’ Being a conscientious cleaning company, we see the efforts these elderlies have paid to Hong Kong decades ago. We hope that they could live safely and comfortably every single day. If more disadvantaged sectors would be benefited in the future, they would not be invaded by viruses and germs. This is what we are looking forward to. The spirit of Hong Kong people is that we are willing to help one another out in adversities, so as Masterclean’s spirit.

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