Carpet Cleaning

MasterClean provides you with professional and experienced carpet cleaning services, both household and office carpet cleaning, carpet deodorization, high-temperature sterilization, carpet disinfection, etc. Our professional team for environmental consultation will select appropriate carpet cleaning methods according to customers’ needs.

Merits Of MasterClean
Carpet Cleaning And Disinfection Services


Many years of carpet cleaning experience. Paying our attention to staff technical training and we have served thousands of offices, homes and institutions.


Services include cleaning of office carpet, household carpet, wool carpet, Persian carpet, Oriental carpet, silk carpet, etc.

Natural Detergent

We use the natural environmental carpet cleaner with 100% natural ingredients that is safe and creates no chemical residues.

Environmental-friendly Process

Carpet cleaning using “light purification” technology and high-temperature steam. It is harmless to the environment, infants and sensitive persons.

Dedicated Carpet Cleaning Schemes

Office Deep Carpet Cleaning & Disinfection Services

Service principle: first use the professional carpet washing machine to scrub the carpet in depth, and then the water absorbing machine will absorb the residual sewage to effectively remove the stubborn stains.



Step 1:
Carpet vacuuming
Use a strong vacuum to remove dust, mites and garbage from carpets.


Step 2:
Removing stains
Spray professional strong environmentally-friendly carpet stain remover to remove stubborn stains.
Remove oil stains, tea stains, red wine stains, coffee stains, gum stains, etc.


Step 3:
Deep scrubbing
Use the carpet washing machine to clean carpet at high speed with professional strong environmental-friendly cleaner to clean the dirt, dust and allergens.


Step 4:
Dehydration and pulling of dirt
With the help of the strong water absorbing machine, the residual sewage and dirt in the carpet can be removed to achieve the effect of deep cleaning.


Step 5:
Spray disinfectant on the carpet surface to kill viruses and bacteria after the cleaning procedure is complete.


Household Carpet Washing with Steam and UV Sterilization Services

Service principle: Using Kärcher German high-pressure and high-temperature steam cleaning machine to break down oil and dirt and kill 99.9% bacteria and virus on the carpet. Steam cleaning can also kill fleas and bedbugs, as well as insect eggs on carpet through high temperature, which is environmental-friendly and harmless to both human and animal.



Step 1: UV sterilization, mite removal and vacuuming

Using the “light purification” technology, the UV dust mite cleaner kills viruses and bacteria with Ultraviolet light. It beats carpet surfaces with 18,000 frequency vibrations every minute to remove dust, mites, PM2.5 and other harmful substances hidden in the carpet.



Step 2: High-temperature steaming

Using Kärcher German high-pressure and high-temperature steam cleaner, grease and stubborn stains on carpet are removed. High temperature is more effective in killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.



Step 3: Spraying and Pulling

Clean the carpet thoroughly and remove odors by mixing an environmental-friendly cleaner with water. All dissolved dirt, grease and stubborn stains will be removed under pressure pulling.



3M Scotchgard™️ Carpet/Textile Furniture/
anti-fouling and long-term care services

3M Scotchgard™️ antifouling agent is a colorless, odorless material. After processing, it can form a layer of transparent protective film that is resistant to dust and oil, waterproof, on the surface. It will not make the color, texture or flexibility of your expensive carpet/furniture/sofa change. Dirt will only stay on the surface of the fiber without entering, which makes cleaning easier and simpler.


  • Waterproof •Stain resistant•保Keep your carpet and textile furniture as bright as new
  • Enhance the resistance of stains to keep your furniture beautiful
  • Cleaning becomes easier with less cleaning time and cleaning density
  • Make carpets and sofas more durable and less likely to be replaced
  • Save money and economical