MasterClean Household Cleaning/ Spring Clean

Masterclean has been committed to assisting a number of customers to create a healthy and comfortable home through different household cleaning services over the years. Thousands of families have an unprecedented environment after the service. The company selects the most effective cleaning method and procedure according to the needs of different customers, and carefully selects the appropriate environmentally friendly cleaning agents to ensure that the elderly, infants and pets are fully protected. After the completion of the service, you can still consult our professional cleaning technicians for the maintenance of furniture and floor or other household cleaning tips.

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Household Spring Clean

Before the coming of the festival, every family is worried about cleaning the house. Masterclean provides a full range of cleaning services for Chinese New Year. It deals with all the old stains in the residence at one time. From basic dusting services to glass cleaning, floor waxing, and the removal of kitchen and bathroom smudges, they are all included in our service. Professional on-site evaluation could provide customers with the most efficient, appropriate household cleaning plan and ensure the effective service with the most affordable price. Let us all get ready for the New Year.

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Household Post-renovation Cleaning + Formaldehyde Removal Service

It is not easy to deal with the cleaning problem in the new home after decoration. After dealing with numerous cleaning cases, Masterclean team found that many residents used the wrong way to remove the unwanted paint, leading to serious consequences such as scratches on the floor and weakening of the protective layer of furniture. Therefore, we have launched a plan targeting family that just finishes home renovations. Not only to deal with the decoration traces, but also for the cleaning of water drain and blind spots. Last but not least, JP-ECO non-photocatalytic formaldehyde removal service is also included, which is environmentally friendly, reliable and safe. It completely removes harmful substances in the environment, so that carcinogens will not harm the health of your family.

** Super Upgrade ** Rainbow water filter vacuum cleaner

Remove dust, debris, dust mites and allergens

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Vacant House Cleaning

After the last owner moves out from the unit, the house often needs a thorough clean before it can be sold or rented again. Masterclean aims at the cleaning problem in houses after a long-living period and carries out systematic cleaning from inside to outside. Not only would we carefully clean the windows, floors, furniture, bathroom, kitchen and other common location, but we also take care of deep cleaning of places that owners cannot clean easily, such as air conditioning dust filter, water drain, lampshade, etc. In order to let our customers rest assured, the cleaning content comes with deep disinfection and sterilization service using highly efficient nano disinfectant coating technology. The service plan only costs a price but with a variety of services could allow you to experience cleanliness from inside to outside, as well as the changing from the old slovenly environment to the new and tidy house.

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High Temperature Steam Washing of Sofa for Disinfection and Dust Mites Removal

Cleaning the sofa in the house is far more than using water to wipe off the dirt on the surface, deep cleaning is actually more important to remove stains and dust mites MasterClean is experienced in handling all kinds of sofas, using different tools for cleaning when needed. Removing dust mites using the latest ultraviolet technology that cooperate with German patent technology of high temperature steaming and washing. Stubborn dirt inside the sofa, worm eggs and allergens are eliminated. Finally, through high foam and spray washing, all the dust and grease that cannot be observed by human eyes are fully extracted. The sofa that has been used for long time could return to its original appearance. Not only sofa, but even mattress can also be handled through this cleaning method, which the constant cleaning ensures the health of every person in the house.