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Individuals at Risk Under COVID-19 are all around us! As the outbreak of COVID-19 has taken over the whole city, the elderly and children require more attention from us. Actually, early at the first outbreak of the virus in China, the National Health Commission of PRC has stated that 80% of deaths caused by the virus are senior citizens. In fact, preventions against infection of foreign countries often include extra requirements for the elderly. Thus, the aged are always suggested to stay at home and even perform quarantine themselves. So, during this special period, what can we do more for the elderly?

Individuals at Risk Under COVID-19 – Sharing Information

Information of infection is not only about the number of cases, but also places and locations that involve cases, and arrangements of public services. Senior citizens who live alone may also need to know more about the new business hours of restaurants nearby. So, we can do our best to update such information for them as they may not know how to use the internet. From how to wear face mask properly to government news, there is a lot more we can do.

Individuals at Risk Under COVID-19 – Be Caring in Everyday Life

On normal days, many of us will take our parents to Chinese restaurants to drink tea and have dim sum. However, as the pandemic approaches, things need to be different than before. Maybe it is time to arrange some indoor activities for them to stay at home. Try to help them with their shopping needs as well as buying groceries. Then, with fewer needs for them to go out, they have fewer chances to meet the virus.

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