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The pandemic has warned us to keep the social distance while dining in the restaurants. Thus, we rather choose to have take-aways to minimize the troubles, not to mention people that work in the office. Anyway, it is always better to dine in the office than in country parks. So, here are some tips on how can we dine safely in the office under COVID-19.

Dining Under COVID-19- Pantry

We definitely need to pay more attention to hygiene when dining in the pantry! Medical workers in Malaysia have been infected with viruses due to the crowded space in the pantry. So, always keep the social distance if it is possible, or take turns to eat. In fact, the pantry is a high-risk area for transmitting the viruses, especially when many people will drop by to take a bite of food and take over their masks. Even though the tables and chairs are wiped constantly, the bottled-water cooler and tableware can be a means of transmitting viruses. Therefore, make sure to clean the pantry constantly and in all-round.

Dining Under COVID-19- Personal Seat

Many of the office workers will choose to finish their lunch quickly on their seats, but it is still necessary to use sanitizers to clean up the tables first and after. Do not put your face mask randomly in the office and clear up a space to place the lunch box. Recently, once it is lunchtime, the office has the smell of food all the time. Meanwhile, as the office is not very ventilated, the area is really stuffy and uncomfortable. It is really vital to arrange disinfection or just a clean-up to make the environment better.

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