Masterclean-家居清潔大掃除 專業清潔人員 服務正

Although the pandemic is not as bad as before, the cluster of hotel residents and employees are growing continuously. The Health Department has stated that there may be an outbreak in the cluster. Meanwhile, due to the epidemic, hotels choose to rent their rooms to people who are in quarantine and domestic helpers since there are no tourists. Hotels are doing their promotion targeting local customers as well. Thus, many people will choose to hold some celebration events in the hotel rooms. So, what can the customers have better protection? Should hotels also conduct deep disinfection frequently to protect their customers?

Clean Before Use

As hotel employees who are responsible for room cleaning need to clean lots of rooms in a short time, causing them to spare only a little time for each room cleaning service. So, they may neglect some parts of the cleaning. The Times has stated research which shows that the toilet seat, the sink, the TV remote control, and light switches are places with the highest concentration of bacteria. Thus, if you want to enjoy your hotel experience, it is best to bring sanitizing wet wipes to wipe the TV remote control and switches. For the sink and toilet seat, disinfecting them with sanitizing spray will also be a good idea.

Replace and Replenish

Many hotels will have a deep cleaning service due to the outbreak of COVID-19 but what are the places that require special attention? In fact, besides bed sheets and pillows, the dust filters of the ventilation system, the ceiling, and carpets all require special cleaning or replacement. As they can accumulate dirt and dusts, even molds easily, they need to be taken care of during the deep cleaning. It will be great if the central air-conditioning system can be cleaned with the replacement of dust filters. Also, for carpets in hotel rooms, specific cleaning services can really help to clear the dirt and molds. Then, the prevention of transmission of diseases can be done better and an environment of good hygiene can be maintained.

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