Masterclean-環保滅蟲服務 無毒誘餌捕殺方案 對人體無害 但對蟑螂及其他害蟲極為有效

The Centre for Health Protection has announced that a 71-years-old man with chronic illness has been infected with rat Hepatitis E virus. In fact, this is already the third case in the past half month and the source of infection remains unknown still. In the last half-year, there are a few people who have passed away due to the same infection so the importance of pest control, as well as anti-rodent work, shall not be dismissed.

Anti-Rodent Service-the Outdated Methods

The anti-rodent work in the local community has been judging for dozens of times. The press has reported multiple times that restaurants and wet markets have serious rodent problems. Meanwhile, some grocery store owners have said that regular rodent controls are absent in the wet markets and the rodent bait for use is outdated. Experts on anti-rodent work have even stated that the authority has been using sweet potatoes as rodent baits which are not attractive to mouses. then, they also suggested that mineral oil or peanut butter can be mixed with sweet potatoes to attractive mouses. Unfortunately, the problem of weak rodent control along with rodent problems is still serious.

Anti-Rodent Service-What Can the Citizens Do?

The rodent problems faced by households and restaurants are different. Sometimes they require different methods. The basic method is to place rodent baits to attract mouses and allow them to eat the baits. After that, the mouses who have eaten the baits will go back to their nests to cause group infection. As the improvement of technology takes place, there are a lot of new products like ecological carton rodent traps.  Of course, many cleaning and pest control companies have anti-rodent plans to meet the needs of customers. If you do not want to take care of the rodent problems yourself, feel free to reach them for help!

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