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Many companies and households will use carpets as part of the decoration and protection of the floor. However, the bacterial count on the carpet is in fact surprisingly high. Research has shown that one household carpet is ten times dirtier than the toilet seat. The time required for cleaning carpets is different depending on the methods using, like vacuuming and deep cleaning. So, today let us start with the categorizing of carpets and how to do the cleaning properly.

Knowing the Categories of Different Carpets

There are different materials of carpets and each of them has specific methods for handling instead of vacuuming them only. There are carpets made out of artificial fiber as well as natural materials. Taking care of carpets made of natural materials requires special attention. Cleaning pure wool carpets need to be aware of the detergents and cleaning brushes using.

Destroying the Structure of Carpets?!

Companies and households may have regular deep cleaning and it is very important to protect the structure of carpets during the process. There are quite a lot of cleaning brushes and the most basic rule is to choose soft brushes to avoid rubbing the carpets. Meanwhile, the use of detergents is essential as many detergents that are not designed for cleaning carpets many destroy the carpets with corrosive substances. We have had clients who mixed sanitizing solution with detergents to clean the carpet and caused it to lose all the patterns!

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