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The Second Wave of COVID-19 With Mosquito-borne Diseases?! Have You Strengthened the Mosquito Prevention and Control Yet?

Bringing sunshine and shorts back to the city, summer has come with the mosquito season. Hong Kong has discovered its first local case of Dengue Fever in Hong Kong three months ago. The case has drawn the attention of the government and a series of mosquito prevention and control work is implanted. You may consider the coronaviruses as the biggest killer, but in fact the mortality rate of Dengue Fever is up to 60%! French scientists have also discovered a new mosquito-borne virus, Cristoli Virus. It can cause fatal encephalitis and has already led to the death of a patient. Have you ever considered mosquito bites as a real threat to your health? I guess not. However, after witnessing all those cases, I believe you have changed your mind. It will certainly be a golden rule for us to strengthen mosquito prevention and control work from now on.

What Can We Do?

It is fine for us to have itchy skin sometimes, but we must pay more attention to mosquito prevention and control when talking about mosquito- borne diseases. Luckily, With the modern advanced technology in mosquito control work, there is nothing to worry about! Do you still think that mosquito control service is only limited to government departments or parks and gardens? If so, you will definitely miss a great chance to adopt effective mosquito prevention and control work! Actually, there are lots of private providers of mosquito prevention and control services in the market. Many of them are targeting domestic residences and private institutions. Some of them even offer one-stop services! All you need is to go shopping with your friends and professional staff members will take good care of your office or home. A comfortable environment with no nuisance or mosquito will be ready before you come back.

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