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School Sanitization | There are only a few days before the end of 2020, which is really a tough year for students. It is hard to cope with online lessons and now the challenge has returned again. Primary and secondary schools have experienced a dozen times suspending face-to-face lessons, it is afraid that students can only see their peers and teachers after 2020. Lately, despite the suspension of classes, infection cases in schools are not decreasing. Inquired towards school disinfection services are increasing so it is time to explain a bit about the disinfection work for schools.

School Sanitization| The Big Increase

This year is also a tough year for management teams of schools. The Education Bureau has decided to let kindergarten and primary 1-3 students to stop having face-to-face lessons for two weeks due to the sudden increase in the number of cases of upper respiratory tract infection. As the fourth outbreak has come, students other than secondary six students shall have online lessons only. What makes people to be worried is that students and teachers are getting infected with a higher number of cases than before. There are multiple schools that have students and teachers get infected already. It may not seems so serious considering the number of cases in every school, but it shall be a much serious problem considering the number of schools that get involved as well as the coverage of districts and school staff.

School Sanitization| The Danger

Facing the appearance of infection, the response is quick since there is a prepared guideline. From the arrangement of compulsory tests and immediate disinfection as well as school disinfection, the schedule is quick to mature. However, there are still some points that we need to take care of.

1)Wear safety goggles during disinfection work for protection (face masks are not enough)

2)Maintain a well-ventilated environment to prevent inhaling the excessive disinfectant spray

3)Use 1:49 diluted household bleach for cleaning vomit


School Sanitization| The Service Process

The Education Bureau has delivered a subsidy of 100000 to schools to recruit janitors or related services. Many schools are asking about the cleaning service plan for COVID-19.

The basic cleaning service process*:

1)Set up a plan according to the area and requirements of the school

2)Discuss the details with the school (to minimize the effect on the running of the campus)

3)Real time elevation by professional teams and prior basic cleaning

4)Use bioluminescence technique to check the bacterial count

5)Apply the nano disinfectant coating

6)Check the bacterial count again to make sure it is in the safe range

*The content of disinfection work can be added according to requirements (for details please contact our customer service)


The chosen detergent could be the strongest cleaning products with the feature of:

1)killing COVID-19 virus in a minute
2)suppressing the multiplying of bacteria for a year
3)targeting many types of viruses like COVID-19 and H1N1
4)being verified as not harmful to human bodies with an oral test
5)being verified as not harmful to the environment by the recognition of Singapore institution

Facing the new outbreak, we must protect the next generation. Master clean has launched a special discount for school disinfection to fight the virus together with all of you.

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