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Household cleaning-It is definitely a good way to prevent COVID-19 by cleaning your house regularly. However, there were cases that are suspected to be infected during the cleaning processes. In fact, it is a must to know about the traps in cleaning and be armed with protection once you are performing deep cleaning processes. In the past years, we have reminded our employees to gear up themselves even if they are on their regular mission of house cleaning. So, what viruses are present in the household, and what kind of cleaning tools are recommended? We shall figure it out!

Household Cleaning | Get Infected during Cleaning?

The Health Department has discovered two related infections that are suspected to be infected during household cleaning processes. A 29-years-old man and a 52-years-old man have returned to Hong Kong with no symptom. They are later confirmed to be infected after their arrival. Both of them have performed household cleaning wearing face masks before the confirmation. The department has stated that it is unclear whether they get infected from the cleaning or quarantine. Thus, it is recommended that people shall have enough protection when doing cleaning works and take care of the objects with diluted bleach.


Household Cleaning | The Risk

Many of us have increased our time of cleaning due to the pandemic. Besides the risk of accidentally transmitting the coronavirus during the processes, a normal household contains many bacteria and viruses. There is research telling that we can find over 340 types of bacteria on objects that we always get in touch with, including E.coli and molds. Although many bacteria will not cause great harm with a low amount, they can still cause diarrhea like E.coli. Therefore, even if there is no coronavirus and we are hoping to do the cleaning, it is better for us to wear protective gear like face masks and eye masks. Of course, you can still invite professional cleaning companies to do the work. Normally, seasonal cleaning will only require half a day to elevate, clean, and disinfect all spots.

Household Cleaning | Strong Sanitizing

We may call for cleaning assistants when it comes to regular household cleaning. As the matter of fact, cleaning companies are introducing more effective detergents or sanitizing products due to the epidemic. Here we are introducing a detergent that is recognized widely. Diversey Oxivir ®️ Tb is a hospital-grade disinfectant cleaner that is registered on and recognized by EPA. It is able to kill over 256 types of bacteria and viruses and kill COVID-19 viruses in one minute. More importantly, it is harmless to human bodies and suitable for children, pets, and pregnant women. Many customers are requiring us to use this detergent for cleaning and bleach cannot reach its effectiveness.

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