Mobile phones, as an indispensable item in daily life, are used at an unsurpassed rate, and there are naturally many customers of telecommunications providers. Thank you customers for their trust in Masterclean. Our important task this time is to go to the 3HK store of the telecommunications supplier in Shatin Plaza to help with the store cleaning!


Site: Shatin Plaza 3HK
Cleaning Time: One hour
Services: Daily cleaning


The store cleaning plan generally includes cleaning the store lighting signs, and even the spotlights in the store can be cleaned! The team will use the high-speed machine to clean, up to the ceiling and high space, down to the floor of the store to pick up stains and carry out dust removal work. If necessary, you can even ask to dismantle the air-conditioning dust filter to help clean multiple ventilation positions in the store to ensure good air circulation in the store. There are many mobile phones in mobile phone shops, and the product display stand is the place where customers come into contact with the most daily, so we will focus on deep cleaning of the display stand. Provide customers with a hygienic environment, so that customers can buy more at ease.

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