The cleaning of the office is easily overlooked by everyone. In fact, there are many invisible bacteria hidden in the office, and everyone should pay attention to it! In addition to the common cleaning sisters in some offices, few companies specially arrange monthly deep cleaning, but the annual and quarterly cleaning has become the first choice for many office buildings. After all, under the epidemic, everyone wants to maintain work efficiency while paying attention to hygiene, and the cleanliness of the office environment has become particularly important.

Site: Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong Island
Service: Office Deep Cleaning and Disinfection and Air Disinfection

This time, Masterclean was entrusted by the client to go to the office of Central Plaza, Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong Island for deep cleaning and disinfection and air disinfection. Writing desks, phones, toilets, floors, air-conditioning dust filters, photocopiers, and even ashtrays are all included in office cleaning. However, it is worth noting that cleaning companies generally have plans for daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, monthly cleaning or quarterly cleaning. In addition to different prices, the service content is also different. In addition to the deep cleaning of the office, the cleaning scope this time also includes the AHP air atomization disinfection service, which thoroughly kills bacteria, viruses and new coronaviruses in the entire office space, providing employees with a healthy and safe office environment.

Deep cleaning service-Our company provides customers with various disinfection and cleaning services, details are as follows: Office Cleaning / Office Assistant AHP® Patented Efficient Sterilization

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