More and more properties now regularly clean building exterior walls, glass curtain walls and glass windows. The exterior walls of buildings are exposed to the outside for a long time, exposed to the sun, rain, wind and rain. Most of the exterior walls and glass of buildings will have the problem of accumulation of dirt, and even the accumulation of oil fumes. These problems not only cause serious damage to the exterior walls of the building, but also make the building become obsolete and affect the aesthetics of the building. Therefore, regular cleaning of building exterior walls, glass curtain walls and glass windows is very important.


Site: Kwun Tong Church
Service: High-altitude cleaning and glass curtain wall cleaning services

MasterClean came to Kwun Tong Church this time to provide deep cleaning services for the walls and exterior glass of the church. Our cleaning team has rich and many years of experience in cleaning exterior walls, and can carry out cleaning and renovation works on the exterior walls of buildings, equipped with different advanced equipment to match the construction of buildings of different heights. High-altitude working aluminum frame, high-altitude lift car, street light car, hinged scissor lift table, etc., and then equipped with high temperature and high pressure water gun and professional cleaning agent cleaning, can effectively provide professional deep cleaning services for exterior walls and exterior wall glass to meet customer cleaning requirements need. The staff cleaning the exterior walls must hold a valid professional gondola license and be equipped with safety ropes. In the face of stubborn stains, we will use high-pressure water guns for deep stain removal services to remove dirt, water stains and acid rain stains from the exterior walls of buildings to ensure a bright and beautiful appearance.

High-altitude cleaning and glass curtain wall cleaning services-Our company provides customers with various disinfection and cleaning services, details are as follows: Ceiling, Exterior Wall And Signboard CleaningAerial glass cleaningGlass Curtain Wall Cleaning Service

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