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For households or restaurants, a kitchen is always an important place. However, going through a long period of immersing in oily fumes, the cleaning work is also essential. Every place of the kitchen can become cleaning blindspots. Different stains accumulated on tiles, range hoods, or even the ceiling can make the kitchen smelling like oil and smokes. Hence, how should we deal with those annoying stains?


Regular Cleaning Makes the Best

We often only focus on the surfaces of tables, walls, or ranges that show clear oily stains when cleaning the kitchen, and dismiss places that are hard to clean like the gaps of tiles. Forming stains that are hard to clean is always due to irregular cleaning that is not clearing stains effectively. So, to clean off all stains from tiles easily, the most essential point is to remove the oily stains immediately after cooking every time. The stains will be lighter to clean with a smaller area. Then, you will not have to face oil patches that stick on the tiles after leaving those stains for a long time.


Tips for the Gaps

Stains that stay in little gaps can be dealt with old toothbrushes. They are definitely more effective than using normal clothing for wiping. Although we have our mums or domestic workers dedicated to the cleaning work at home, restaurants do not have that time to clean the kitchen in detail. Thus, we recommend professional cleaning companies to those who are not available for regular deep cleaning. Deep cleaning for kitchens is not about removing oily stains in gaps, it includes the top of cupboards, ventilation fans, or even the ceiling. It will be a great service that covers places that we often neglect.


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