Masterclean-防疫 新冠病毒 消毒殺菌 冷氣機清洗

The third wave of the transmission of COVID-19 has taken place in Hong Kong since July. It has shown a sign of easing recently but the number of infections has been increasing after the resume of classes. We are having infection cases with unclear sources of transmission as well as small outbreaks. Thus, our way of the prevention of transmission of COVID-19 has not reached the ending point yet. Every time when there is an infection appears in a building, people that in charge will arrange a deep cleaning service. When seeing staff members with protective suits working around the places, you must be wondering what are they doing. So, it’s time to discover their work this time.


Disinfection Against COVID-19-The Disinfectant

People always think the staff members are only spraying normal sanitizing disinfectant. However, talking about disinfection, our company has introduced a special disinfectant from the US. The disinfectant is used by hospitals in Hong Kong. It is also registered in the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is able to kill 99.9% of normal pathogens.


Disinfection Against COVID-19-The Time Taken

Most of the bacteria and viruses will be killed immediately after spraying the detergent. Disinfection service that meets the standard for the use of hospital is proved by reports that it can kill coronaviruses in one minute. Besides killing the viruses on the surface of furniture, strongly effective disinfectant nano-coating can be used in different places to maintain the effect of disinfection.


Disinfection Against COVID-19-The Places

The disinfection service can be used for households, stores, or even storage units. In order to cope with COVID-19, many medical and commercial facilities like clinics or offices are using disinfection services. The use of disinfection service against COVID-19 is wide.

Many medical experts are warning the citizens to prevent another outbreak of COVID-19. Besides personal protection and social distancing, disinfection work is also important. It may be easier to take care of the disinfection work of a small household by ourselves, but when it comes to a larger area, the effectiveness will decrease. Thus, seeking help from professionals is essential too.


Disinfection Against COVID-19-Our company offers different kinds of disinfection services, details are as follows: DisinfectionHouseholdOffice/CommercialRetail/Clinic

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