Masterclean-戲院清潔 天花板冷氣扣去污清潔

Masterclean cleaning team has arrived at the cinema in Causeway Bay to perform cleaning services including grease trap cleaning. With the faith of the customer, our professional team will not make people disappointed. From grease trap to the ceiling, we have made them spotless. Everyone will pay a visit to the cinema can feel a freshened environment.


Site:Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island
Cleaning Time:One working day
Services:Cinema cleaning, grease trap cleaning

People who go to the cinema may wonder how cleaning work is done at the cinema with short time and dark environments. Even experienced employees may not be able to perform deep cleaning work every time. Due to the recent pandemic, cinemas have become a spot that people pay attention to. After reopening, finding cleaning companies for cleaning services using detergents is a good choice.


Cinema Cleaning-Our company offers different kinds of cleaning services, details are as follows: Retail/ClinicOffice/CommercialWarehouse

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