Masterclean-店鋪清潔 玻璃清潔 專業洗玻璃水及玻璃刮 不留水痕

Site:1/F, Telford Plaza I, Kowloon Bay
Area:1200 square foot
Cleaning Time:One working day
Services:Floor and glass cleaning, vacuuming, and overall cleaning

Store Cleaning Tips

Retail stores always display products for customers’ choices. Thus, the shelves as well as the products are having dust accumulated on them due to long-term display so vacuuming is essential. Besides the need for vacuuming the floor and the shelf, most of us will ignore the importance of cleaning the glass constantly. As viruses like the coronaviruses can live on the glass for nine days, the lacking of proper disinfection and cleaning will cause it to live even longer. For stores that are located outdoors or in the mall, customers have chances to get in touch with the glass shopfronts, especially when they are viewing the products. There are children who touch the glass directly. So, store cleaning service as a steam cleaning service is to make sure that all contact points in the store are clean, which will ensure all people passing by or going in the store.

Masterclean-店鋪清潔 玻璃清潔 專業洗玻璃水及玻璃刮 不留水痕
Masterclean-店鋪清潔 冷氣機出風口拆卸清洗
Masterclean-店鋪清潔 掛衣架例常清潔中
Masterclean-店鋪清潔 冷氣出風口專業儀器除塵中
Masterclean-店鋪清潔 冷氣出風口去污清潔 專業清潔劑更安全
Masterclean-店鋪清潔 高處清潔角落頭
Masterclean-店鋪清潔 初步地面基礎吸塵
Masterclean-店鋪清潔 洗地氈機高速清洗地毯
Masterclean-店鋪清潔 洗地氈機高速清洗地毯
Masterclean-店鋪清潔 地面初步基礎清潔 專業清潔劑 安全環保

Service Reviews

As the temperature drops along with the changing season, many people are waiting to shop for their new outfits for the coming season. As more customers flow in, retail stores are facing not only an increase in revenue but also the problem of maintaining good hygiene. However, owing to the pandemic, stores may not have enough employees doing cleaning work during their duties every day. They may even finish the cleaning just by wiping around. Thus, it is time for cleaning companies to stand up again to offer cleaning services. We are odd to clean every place in the store, including the ventilation system and staff area to ensure all people’s health and safety.

Store Cleaning-Our company offers different kinds of cleaning services, details are as follows: Retail/ClinicDisinfectionCarpet Cleaning

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