Masterclean-學校清潔 基本地板除塵清潔

School Cleaning-Masterclean has received an important mission this time! Thanks to the customer who trusts us, we are able to come to a school in Sheung Shui to offer a cleaning service. Our professional team has taken care of classrooms as well as toilets to make a safe environment for the study of students.

Site:2 Ching Shing Road, Sheung Shui
Cleaning Time:One working day
Services:School cleaning
Masterclean-學校清潔 基本地板除塵去污清潔
Masterclean-學校清潔 基本地板除塵清潔
Masterclean-學校清潔 白板表面清潔消毒 保障師生學習環境
Masterclean-學校清潔 電腦表面清潔消毒
Masterclean-學校清潔 檯面清潔除塵 專業清潔劑 安全高效
Masterclean-教室清潔 地板基礎除塵去污清潔
Masterclean-教室清潔 地板基礎去污清潔 專業清潔劑更安全
Masterclean-學校清潔 廁所清潔 專業清潔劑安全環保
Masterclean-學校清潔 廁所清潔 專業清潔劑安全環保
Masterclean-學校清潔 廁所清潔 專業清潔劑安全環保

There are janitors who take care of the cleaning of schools, so why bother to find cleaning companies? In fact, related school cleaning guidelines have stated that different spots of schools must be cleaned and sanitized every day. Due to the pandemic, the better way is to perform cleaning twice or above every day. Thus, even janitors’ work can meet the standard, they may not be able to take care of each point thoroughly. That’s why Masterclean provides a school cleaning service to remedy such deficit and offer all-around protection to the campus.

School Cleaning-Our company offers regular cleaning services, details are as follows: DisinfectionPest ControlMarble/Tile/Vinyl Floor

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