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Office Cleaning Assistant | During the pandemic, many local businesses have elevated their standard of cleaning. However, many of them are still looking for office cleaning assistants who fit in time and with guaranteed quality. In fact, there are many cleaning companies offering part-time or full-time office assistants, so what are they different from assistants who we hired by ourselves? Let’s figure it out!


Office Cleaning Assistant | Sufficient Training

The office cleaning assistants hired through cleaning companies have normally gone through systemic training, which is their biggest advantage. They are familiar with the cleaning process, usage of tools, and detergents. So, hiring these staff can minimize the training time and protect the cleaning tools that belong to company properties. Meanwhile, the cleaning tools and apparatus are continuously transforming, and knowing the latest cleaning methods can really minimize the cleaning time and deterioration in energy.


Office Cleaning Assistant | Human Resources

Office assistants that we hire in the employment market are flexible indeed, but they often need to take care of their families or have another career. They tend to stay in the company for a few hours, but when it comes to some special occasions like the parents’ day, they may not be able to finish cleaning on time with high completeness. Conversely, if you are hiring office cleaning assistants from cleaning companies, the above situation will seldom occur since the company will be able to find someone to fill in.

Office Cleaning Assistant | Insurance

In the past, there are employers who are unwilling to purchase insurance for the cleaning staff due to the budget. Of course, no one will care about it when nothing has happened. However, when the cleaning assistants have injured their hands or waists at work, the company will face complicated and continuous claims. in this case, cleaning companies shall deal with clients to prevent the above situation from happening.


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