Masterclean-裝修後清潔 工具清潔 屋主最安心的選擇

The use of paint in Hong Kong is relatively high as renovations are common. However, there is a huge problem that is how to clean up those paints after renovation. Can people use one paint cleaning detergent to fix all the problems? How are the stains of paints related to the type of paints? What are the points to be noticed? Let’s clear all the mess together!


Paint Cleaning | DIY Paints

Lately, it has been so many different types of paints in the market, and somebody will purchase different colors or brands of paints by themselves. Then, they choose to mix them in order to get a unique color. This method can really make a specific color, but once the mixed paints are dropped onto the floor or any surfaces, it requires special care when cleaning.

As the content and colors of paints are different, the cleaning methods are also different. People in Hong Kong use mostly water-based paints or emulsion paints. If the cleaning area is only a few small stains, using warm water to wipe them off will do the work. Meanwhile, if you are using solvent-based paints, there is a need to use solvent detergents, which can be purchased in hardware stores, to clean the stains.

However, some self-made paints will ignore that mixing different types of paints will make it harder to be cleaned. As most of the paint cleaning detergents are less targeting the cleaning methods of a specific type of paint, so it is better to consider well before making up a complicated type of paint to use widely.


Paint Cleaning | Paints on the Floor

Stains of paints on different surfaces have different methods to handle. Besides know the content of the paints to choose detergents. The surfaces which stains laid on will affect the choices of cleaning methods too. Detergents or methods that act too strongly shall hurt the floor and the wall, making them less durable.

There are sayings on the internet claiming that strong chemical solvents like diluted thinner or tools for eradicating the stains are useful. Indeed, some people may find it successful, but we have heard more customers with painful experiences. They fail to handle the diluting concentration or simply use a sharp object to clean stains on the floor. Such acts eventually lead to unreversed changes in the colors of the floor or leaving obvious scratches that induce higher costs for fixing.

Apart from cleaning paints by yourself, you can always choose to have a cleaning and waxing service before the furniture arrives in your new home. Firstly, contact a professional cleaning company to ask for a price according to your types of paints and room areas. Then, confirm the day of the service so the company will have a team of staff to handle your place. It normally requires only a few hours to finish, which is really efficient.


Paint Cleaning | the Formaldehyde

There are paints that claiming they are non-toxic and contain no formaldehyde. In fact, as all paints must be produced from Benzene, they will always contain formaldehyde but with a difference in concentration. However, there is no need to be panicked since the concentration of paints that have been used on the wall will keep decreasing. The harm towards a human body is thus limited. Also, as most of the emulsion paints are water-based, the content of Benzene is way less than the traditional form of paints. Of course, you are welcomed to invite professionals using detecting machines to ensure the formaldehyde rate of the house to protect your health.


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