Masterclean-醫療中心深層清潔消毒 天花清潔

Location:Hong Kong Central
Area:8000 square foot
Cleaning Time:one working day
Services:deep disinfectant cleaning

Deep Disinfectant Cleaning Tips

Deep disinfectant cleaning is still unnecessary in many people’s eyes. Although people’s awareness of personal hygiene has increased due to the pandemic, you may think disinfectant cleaning is only for any outbreak of infectious diseases. Actually, the American Society for Microbiology has discovered that only knocking at the door or touching the table, the carrying virus can spread through the whole building. Up to 60% of staff members and visitors have carried the virus after not more than 2 to 4 hours. So, do not wait for the virus to come, a regular disinfectant cleaning service is always a good choice.

Masterclean-醫療中心深層清潔消毒 墻面清潔
Masterclean-醫療中心深層消毒服務 天花板清潔
Masterclean-醫療中心深層清潔消毒 墻面清潔
Masterclean-醫療中心深層清潔消毒 地板清潔
Masterclean-醫療中心深層清潔消毒 墻面清潔
Masterclean-醫療中心深層清潔消毒 地板消殺
Masterclean-醫療中心深層清潔消毒 地板消殺

Service Reviews

It is really our honor to provide services to the medical industry this time. In fact, the essential element to reach the standard of sanitation as a clinic is regular disinfectant cleaning. Do not think that we are kidding! Although business offices or residences do not need to face patients like clinics, bacteria are everywhere. Thus, disinfectant cleaning in regular shall become the first guard to defend your health.

Deep Disinfectant Cleaning – our company offers office deep disinfectant cleaning services; details are as follows: Retail / Clinic, Disinfection

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