COVID-19 Disinfectant | Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, in addition to the traditional disinfectant like alcohol and bleach, everyone rush to find disinfectants. Along with the increased market demand, the kinds of disinfectants have also increased. There is a disinfectant that aims at killing coronavirus, even some so-called disinfectants without alcohol, natural disinfection spray, or non-toxic disinfection. After all, what will always concern is to choose which disinfectant. What safety matters should be paid attention to when using disinfectant? What should I pay attention to when cleaning my own or even when finding a professional company to clean?


New Disinfectants Work Better?

I believe that when choosing disinfectants, we are most concerned about the effectiveness of killing germs and viruses. After testing 15 types of disinfectant sprays, the Consumer Council found that 80% of them were less effective in killing bacteria and viruses than 75% alcohol or diluted bleach!

In view of the disinfectants which have clearly listed the type of virus that they can kill, the Council pointed out that disinfectants that can effectively kill adenovirus should be able to deal with coronavirus. If you wish to know more, you can always find a list from the Council.

In addition to its own disinfection ability, the period that the disinfectant has been placed after opening will affect the effect. The Council pointed out that the effectiveness of disinfectants containing hypochlorite acid may be in doubt after a certain period of time due to the unstable nature of their compounds. So look carefully at the expiry date of the disinfectants when buying them, otherwise, they may affect the disinfection function.

Self-Disinfection Has Blind Spots

Under the outbreak of the pandemic, everyone is keen on doing disinfection anytime and anywhere. As the frequency of disinfection has increased, we should pay more attention to more things. The Council recommends that disinfectants that contain hypochlorous acid should be avoided to use when there can be contact with the human body. A higher concentration of chlorine disinfectants is more irritant to the human body. So if you want to use them for home disinfection, or in places where there will be people coming in and out, or with children and the elderly, please avoid that.

Even if the disinfectant is labeled as safe, it is necessary to pay attention to whether any residue is present after disinfection, so as not to cause uncomfortable reactions after contact. Most importantly, if there is any adverse reaction to the use of sanitizers, such as nausea, dizziness, itchy skin, etc., it is important to stop using them immediately.

Find a Professional Company

The keys to making a good choice of disinfectants are complicated, especially when we are not chemists. So instead of struggling between thousands of disinfectants, the most convenient way is to find a professional team! The cleaning company can help you to avoid the trouble of choosing or to worry about the effect and quality. The most important thing is their one-stop service. Whether it’s the early stage of choosing the cleaning area and tools or fulfilling the special requirements of customers, professional cleaning companies can suit your taste!

Masterclean does every cleaning service based on customer needs, no matter it is the use of Diversey Oxivir ® Tb level medical disinfectant for COVID-19, or make sure that we use green and harmless cleaning method to match the customer’s requirements.


In response to the epidemic, the company has launched a disinfection program for various sites, from evaluation to disinfection service, after the completion of the customer will have a certificate. Our company uses a number of disinfectants to kill coronavirus with ensured safety and effectiveness. You are welcomed to reach our customer service through WhatsApp 62112085


In response to the epidemic, the company provides a variety of disinfection services, details are as follows: DisinfectionHouseholdRetail/Clinic, etc.

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