Masterclean-診所清潔 前台至診間,再到儲藏間同隔油池嘅污漬一次過清除

As the first line of anti-pandemic actions, hygiene and cleanliness are very important for the health care industry. But small and medium-sized clinics may not be equipped with the daily clinic cleaning staff. This time, Masterclean went to Metro City Plaza 1 to perform clinic cleaning. Through comprehensive cleaning, we are able to remove the stains from the reception desk to the clinic and then to the storage room with the grease trap at once!

Site:MCP One, Tseung Kwan O
Cleaning Time:One working day
Cleaning Area:3000 square foot
Services:Cleaning and disinfectant coating

Earlier in the Central Asian country Kyrgyzstan, a janitor in a clinic change the plug of the refrigerator to charge the mobile phone, resulting in the loss of refrigerated vaccines. Although the incidence of such cases in Hong Kong clinics with strict regulations is very rare, there is no denying that the cleaners of clinics do have the opportunity to make mistakes because they are not familiar with the regulations. Of course, this can be improved through training, but companies that also provide one-time clinic cleaning can be trusted to specify special requirements or restrictions prior to the service to ensure that no mistakes are made.

Clinic Cleaning-Our company provides customers with various disinfection and cleaning services, details are as follows: Retail/Clinic, Carpet Cleaning, Disinfection

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