The game center is a place where air disinfection is very necessary. Why say that? Many parents also take their children to the game center for entertainment and relaxation. In this place with huge traffic, everyone has a lot of contact with various game facilities. If disinfection measures are not taken, germs can easily threaten personal health. In the case of repeated new crown pneumonia epidemics, both adults and children should take good personal disinfection measures, and businesses should also regularly clean and disinfect their shops to ensure the health and safety of citizens.


Site: Kowloon Bay Telford Plaza Phase II Indoor Playground / Game Center
Service: AHP Spray Disinfection

Masterclean was commissioned to come to the indoor game console center in Kowloon Bay for cleaning and disinfection. We used a professional spray sterilizer to atomize the medical-grade disinfectant (AHP air atomized disinfectant) into small water droplets and sprayed out the entire game machine. The bacteria and viruses in the center are completely killed, which can quickly and efficiently kill the new crown (Cvoid-19) virus within 1 minute, effectively remove the indoor virus threat, and provide protection for the health of customers. Air disinfection and atomization is more effective and has stronger sterilization ability than pure ultraviolet air disinfection or even household air disinfection machines, which can comprehensively kill viruses and keep indoor air fresh. For the most frequently touched entertainment facilities, such as the handle of the claw machine, the baffle, etc., we have used professional disinfectant cleaners for cleaning to completely eliminate the threat of germs.

Spray Disinfection-Our company provides customers with various disinfection and cleaning services, details are as follows: Spray Disinfection

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