The restaurant is a place where air disinfection is very necessary. The disease comes from the mouth, and everyone will take off their masks when eating in restaurants. At this time, if there are virus bacteria in the surrounding air, the diners will easily be infected by virus bacteria. Under the circumstances of repeated outbreaks of the new crown pneumonia, even if the epidemic prevention policy is properly arranged, both adults and children should take personal disinfection measures, and businesses should also regularly clean and disinfect shops and restaurants to ensure the health and safety of people who go to eat.


Restaurants in Kwun Tong District
Service:AHP Patented Efficient Sterilization Scheme

Masterclean was entrusted to clean and disinfect restaurants in Kwun Tong District this time. We used a professional spray disinfection machine to atomize medical-grade disinfectant (AHP air atomized disinfectant) into small water droplets and spray it out, thoroughly eliminating bacteria and viruses in the entire restaurant. Killing, can quickly and efficiently kill the new crown (Cvoid-19) virus within 1 minute, effectively eliminate the virus threat in the room, and provide health protection for customers who come to dine. Compared with pure ultraviolet air disinfection, even household or commercial air disinfection machines are more effective and have stronger sterilizing ability. They can completely kill viruses and keep indoor air fresh.

Our company provides customers with various disinfection and cleaning services, details are as follows: AHP Patented Efficient Sterilization Scheme

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