Although the new crown pneumonia epidemic is severe, students will continue to go back to school to complete their studies. Today, the Hong Kong Metropolitan University commissioned masterclean to spray the air for the school to completely eliminate the new coronary pneumonia germs, provide a safe learning environment for the students in the school, ensure the safety and health of the students, and make the students study with more peace of mind.


Site: Hong Kong Metropolitan University
Services: Spray Disinfection

Masterclean uses a professional spray disinfection machine to atomize the medical-grade disinfectant into small water points and spray it out, which can completely kill bacteria and viruses in the entire campus environment space, and can quickly and efficiently kill the new crown (Cvoid-19) virus within 1 minute , effectively remove the indoor virus threat and provide protection for the health of students. Air disinfection and atomization is more effective and has stronger sterilization ability than pure ultraviolet air disinfection or even household air disinfection machines, which can comprehensively kill viruses and keep indoor air fresh.

Spray Disinfection-Our company provides customers with various disinfection and cleaning services, details are as follows: Spray Disinfection

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