Masterclean-戶外滅蟲 ULV 超低量噴霧方案 對成年的蚊蟲及其他飛蟲極為有效

On behalf of the faith and need of our client, the professional team of Masterclean has come to Au Tau in Yuen Long for pest control. With the outdoor pest control measure, you can enjoy nature even if you forget to bring your mosquito repellent!

Site:27 Milestone, Castle Peak Road, Au Tau, Yuen Long
Cleaning Time:One working day
Services:Outdoor Pest Control

Besides physical measures like mosquito traps, Masterclean has chosen to use the eco-friendly insecticide that is registered by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. We aim to use low toxicity products to perform pest control to ensure we are not harming anyone or any animals. Masterclean hence has the safest service of pest control!

Outdoor Pest Control-Our company offers regular cleaning services, details are as follows: Pest ControlVoc RemovalDisinfection

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