To protect the health and safety of citizens, outdoor mosquito control is necessary. It is well known that mosquitoes are infectious pests and can transmit germs by biting humans. The World Health Organization also pointed out that mosquitoes are the number one killer of animals. In addition to itching after mosquito bites, the most important infectious diseases, such as dengue fever, the fatality rate is 15%-50%, mainly transmitted by Aedes albopictus, which is commonly referred to as the flower mosquito, which is more frequent from June to November.

Site: Shatin Che Kung Temple Sports Centre
Service: Outdoor Mosquito Control Service

Masterclean came to the Che Kung Temple Sports Centre in Sha Tin to carry out outdoor mosquito control service. The weather is hot and rainy recently, which is the time when mosquitoes are frequent. MasterPest uses the ULV ultra-low volume spray solution for mosquito control, which is very suitable for outdoor environments. It can quickly treat a wide range of pest infestation and nuisance places. It can effectively eliminate pathogens and pests with only a very small dose. Other flying insects are extremely effective. It allows citizens to enjoy outdoor activities even without mosquito repellent, which effectively protects the health and safety of citizens.

Outdoor Mosquito Control Service–Our company provides customers with various disinfection and cleaning services, details are as follows: Pest Controlen

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