Masterclean-戶外洗地 使用專業高速洗地機洗地

Site:Belcher Bay Promenade, Sai Wan
Cleaning Time:one working day
Services:Outdoor floor cleaning


Outdoor Floor Cleaning Tips

Exposing under the sun and rainwater, as well as people walking by…That’s right! What we are talking about are the streets that we walk on every day. In fact, we are having dust and dirt covering the bricks that build the streets, not to mention the water stains. Do you think that cleaning the outdoor floor is about washing it with water only? Of course no! The processes of cleaning the outdoor floor are as complicated as indoor floor cleaning but often with a bigger working area. Also, we have the same specific detergents and machines to do the work to clean those stains.

Masterclean-戶外洗地 使用專業高速洗地機洗地
Masterclean-戶外洗地 準備使用專業高速洗地機洗地
Masterclean-戶外洗地 清潔前 隨處可見的污漬
Masterclean-戶外洗地 全面清潔中 有效去污
Masterclean-戶外洗地 地磚縫隙保養美化
Masterclean-戶外洗地 使用專業高速洗地機洗地中
Masterclean-戶外洗地 洗地後地磚煥然一新
Masterclean-戶外洗地 使用專業高速洗地機洗地
Masterclean-戶外洗地 使用專業高速洗地機洗地
Masterclean-戶外洗地 使用專業高速洗地機洗地

Service Reviews

Have you ever wondered how can the outdoor floor being clean all the time? Especially for promenades that we always walk by. It seems that we do not usually see stuff cleaning around so what is the secret? This time we are revealing the secret indeed! Do not assume that the outdoor floor does not have the chance to be cleaned. Our client of this case is requiring Masterclean to do the cleaning work for their outdoor floor. Of course, our employees have once again done a great job, look at that sparkle floor!


Outdoor Floor Cleaning-Our company offers different kinds of cleaning services, details are as follows: Marble / Tile / Vinyl FloorRetail/ClinicOffice/Commercial

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