Masterclean-空氣消毒工作空間 AHP快速霧化消毒

Site:Central, Hong Kong
Area:20000 square foot
Cleaning Time:one working day
Services:office disinfection

Office Disinfection Tips

Although working in the office with air-conditioning is comfortable and nice, indoor environments with little ventilation allow viruses to stay. As another wave of COVID-19 has approached, the World Health Organization has launched big news again. the WHO has stated that there is a risk of airborne spread of the coronavirus in poorly ventilated enclosed places. In fact, earlier in February, the department of China had announced the high risk of aerosol-borne spread of the coronavirus. So, to prevent such transmission patterns, office disinfection services must be your best choice to ensure a safe working environment.

Service Reviews

Despite the second huge outbreak of COVID-19, most of the people still have their jobs to do every day. Although we have done all kinds of personal protective measures; we want our surroundings to be clean as well. Staying in an indoor environment with poor ventilation greatly increases the chance of getting infected, and that’s why we offer disinfection service. We are so glad to see companies that create not only comfortable but safe working places for their employees.

Office Disinfection – our company offers disinfection services, details are as follows: Disinfection

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