Masterclean-寫字樓清潔 辦公室日常清潔-工作檯面清潔

The number of confirmed cases has fallen recently but we can’t forget the importance of daily cleaning! In addition to the office cleaner, very few companies will have a monthly special arrangement of deep cleaning. So, the annual or quarterly cleaning is the first choice of the office building. After all, we want to keep our working efficiency while paying attention to hygiene. It is very important to keep the office environment clean. This time, Masterclean was commissioned by the client to offer services to the office in Queen’s Road so that we can have a clean office for a good year!


Site:Entertainment Building, 30 Queen’s Road, Central
Cleaning Time:One working day
Services:Office Cleaning

Desks, telephones, washrooms, floors, dust screens of air-conditioners, photocopying machines, and even ashtrays belong to office cleaning. However, it is worth noting that the cleaning company will generally have daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, monthly cleaning or quarterly cleaning program. Of course, in addition to the difference in price, the service content is not the same. Daily cleaning is mainly about office supplies cleaning and garbage disposal. Weekly cleaning will include ceiling dust removal and pantry cleaning, etc. Monthly and quarterly cleaning will be more extensive, and even air disinfection services can be embedded.


Office Cleaning-Our company provides customers with various disinfection and cleaning services, details are as follows: Office/Commercial, Disinfection, Retail/Clinic

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